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Great Plains Hunting is transitioning into a Hunting Club.  We will except only 24 members at $950.00 per year.  Your membership will allow you access to some of the best bird hunting anywhere.  You can hunt whatever is in season except deer.  If you, as a member, would like to bring a guest hunting with you and if there is room available, the cost for your guest will be $200.00 per day.  Half of the cost will go back into the Club to be used as club members decide (birds, membership dues, etc).

Deer Memberships - add $2000.00 to your regular membership or trade your pheasant hunting portions for deer hunting.  Everything else is the same except you cannot bring a guest to hunt deer.  (There will only ever be 5 members).

Great Plains Hunting will reserve the right to use any unsold memberships for Day Hunts.  

Day Hunts:  $200.00 + tax per day-unguided.   Guided hunts available at reasonable rates.  Day Hunts may be booked anytime after July 1st.

During Pheasant Season only, we must ensure there will be no more than 12 members in any one day, so we will adopt an Odd/Even system.  Members can trade dates at anytime with other members.
Pheasant dates for 2017 will be as follows:
Odd - Oct 21 thru Oct 25th - 5 days   -----   Odd - Oct 31 thru Nov. 3 -  4 days
Even - Oct 26 thru Oct 30 - 5 days        --    Even - Nov 4 thru 6th - 3 days 

Remaining dates:
Odd - Nov. 7 thru 13 - 7 days              Odd - Nov 21 - 7 days
Odd - Dec 5  7 days                              Odd - Dec 19   - 7 days
Even - Nov 14 thru Nov. 20 - 7 days         Even - Nov 28 - - 7 days
Even - Dec 12 - 7 days                               Even - Dec. 26 - 7 days

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